Sports acrobatics

Competitions[ edit ] Acrobatic Gymnastics is part of the World Gamesand are also included in the inaugural European Games as well as having a dedicated Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships held in even numbered years known as World Sports Acrobatics Championships prior toand continental or region championships in odd numbered years. There are also numerous national, state, and regional competitions that are held in each country. Local and regional competitions often form the qualification stages required to compete at national championships. There is no requirement from the FIG for gymnasts to have qualified through their own national championships to compete internationally, but local governing bodies will often make their national team selections based on performance at national competition.

Sports acrobatics

There are also numerous National, State and Regional competitions that are held in each Country for their local acrobats; and also to determine entry into higher level competitions such as those mentioned Sports acrobatics.

Acrobatic Gymnastics events are always highly entertaining, exhilarating and often involve suspense due to the astonishing skills.

Routines The acrobats perform three routines to music: This routine is characterized by slower music and much less 'flight' of the acrobats as most skills are held, not thrown. This routine is characterized by music that is faster and has more beat. The acrobats generally perform partner skills which involve flight and rotation as in twists or somersaults or tumble skills which are performed individually across the floor.

This routine showcases the acrobats ability to perform a diversity of skills and add their own personal flair.

Sports acrobatics

Scoring The Acrobatic Gymnastics competitions are decided on a score out of Judging The judging panels of Acrobatic Gymnastics are similar to other disciplines of gymnastics where there is one Head Judge CJP who is overseeing the whole of the panel. In Acrobatic Gymnastics there are then Difficulty judges DJ who only assess the difficulty of the performance; Artistic judges AJ who only assess the performance merit of the routine; and Execution judges EJ who only judge according to the technical faults in the routine.

The number of each type of judge on an Acrobatic panel depends on the level of the competition and can vary from one to many with the exception of the Head Judge, as there is only one Head Judge per panel.

History The first use of acrobatics as a specific sport was in the Soviet Union in the s and the first world championships were in In addition to the current five categories, two additional categories for tumbling men's and women's were included until the World Championships, though some groups still involve tumbling events.All Things To Do In NYC Learn Sports Parkour Strength & Mobility.

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The Athletic Acrobatics of Sepak Mohamad Futra Abd Ghani of Malaysia tries to block Anuwat Chaichana of Thailand in the men's team final at the Haizhu Sports Center during day eight of the. Do you organise an acrobatic gymnastics competition? Do you want me to add it on this calendar page? No problem! Just send the information to webmaster at Summer Camp for Kids. Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll Academy - Sport Dance studio for Kids and Adults in Greater Boston area! Dance, Gymnastics, Tumbling, Acrobatics, Acrobatic Rock-n-Roll.

Learn the fundamentals of parkour from passionate pros in the NYC urban environment. Aerial Acrobatics Intensity: Aerial Acrobatics Aerial Acrobatics at the USC.

Sports acrobatics

Perhaps you have seen it on television or at the Cirque du Soleil: Aerial Acrobatics. Acrobats climb, descend and ‘play’ with a so-called ‘tissu’ hanging from the nook of the ceiling. sports STARTING AERIAL ACROBATICS. You don’t have to be a. Instructor, Christine Van Loo, is a former seven time National Champion in Sports Acrobatics, Female Olympic Athlete of the Year, and Athlete of the Decade.

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She is a professional acrobat and aerial artist who has performed in circuses, movies and television. The official website for the athletics. 26th Annual MVB/FSAA Golf Tournament Set for. Acrobatic gymnastics (previously called Sport Acrobatics and nicknamed "Acro") is a competitive partner sport combining the strength, flexibility, and technical precision of gymnastics with the grace and musicality of dance.

Sports Acrobatics: Sports acrobatics in the Olympics?

Participants can compete in five different events in age categories of (age-group), (junior), and 15+ (senior). Do you organise an acrobatic gymnastics competition? Do you want me to add it on this calendar page? No problem! Just send the information to webmaster at

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